Plant Based Cooks is a labor of love.

We aim to bring the vegan food community into the public eye in a new light. 

We believe that in order for everyone to eat a 100% plant based diet they need to be;
  • Tempted
  • seduced
  • down right salivating. 

We are reinventing the word “Plant Based” as 100 percent plant food diet. 

This means abosolutely no animal products. 

Plant based is about what you choose to put into your mouth and how it affects the environment, your body, your soul, your health and the animals.  

But our main focus here is food, and celebrating food. 

Omnivores have their fancy food magazines. Here is a toast to all those foodies out there who have been waiting for a foodie vegan movement and have been quietly veganizing their own cultured almond cheese in their own home. 

This magazine is for you vegan cheese maker. 

Welcome home. 

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