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Chia Banana Pudding

By : berrycat

This pudding is healthy and delicious. Creamy too!…

Quick Vegan Garlic Pizza

By : Caroline Awne

Cheesy, delicious vegan garlic pizza is so easy to make. If you have a favorite vegan remade pizza c…

Chocolate Ganache Pudding

By : Caroline Awne

Utterly vegan. Utterly decadent, chocolate ganache pudding. With Soy whipped cream, and rich chocola…

Maple Maca Coconut Latte

By : Caroline Awne

Maple Maca Coconut Latte!
Creamy, sweet, and much better then the stuff you get in the coffee shops…

Mushroom Zucchini Casserole

By : Caroline Awne

This casserole is so rich and creamy with vegan butter and sautéed mushrooms. With flaky potato chip…

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